The NICE Inform Intelligence Center

by Maggie Lehmann

Today, PSAP managers have to pull data from lots of different systems to compile metrics, and for all the manual effort, they still lack the in-depth insight needed to make real operational improvements. Now for the first time ever, with the introduction of the NICE Inform Intelligence Center, PSAPs have a single automated solution for compiling and tracking critical PSAP performance metrics. Metrics are continuously updated and presented on highly-intuitive dashboards, with drill-through links to underlying audio recordings for context.

The latest enhancement to NICE Inform Elite, the NICE Inform Intelligence Center is an automated Public Safety data analytics and visualization solution that puts powerful near real-time analytical tools within reach of PSAP managers, making it easy to identify, understand, and address the factors that drive operational performance.

Leveraging GIS mapping, and data from Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) and the NICE Inform Elite (multi-media recording) system, the NICE Inform Intelligence Center generates unprecedented insight into daily emergency communication center operations, illuminating problems that can impact service before they get out of hand. It breaks down the barriers of bringing together, analyzing and acting on operational, phone, radio, CAD and quality metrics – empowering PSAPs with a single view of the truth.

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