The Importance of Presales Qualifying


The Problem: Over the course of working with hundreds of customers in unique environments, we’ve found that issues boil down to three common situations:

  1. Customers are using the wrong Call Recording solution for their needs
  2. The implementation of their solution is inappropriate for their environment
  3. They purchased unnecessary components or add-ons with their solution

This can mean that organizations are spending too much on their solution and are facing performance issues due to improper implementation.  

Why? Unfortunately, oftentimes manufacturers will not take the time to thoroughly qualify prior to selling a solution. They follow a “one size fits all” approach when selling Call Recording solutions or include unnecessary components/features in order to reach a quota.

When working with a partner, such as a PBX partner, the focus is almost entirely on the phones while Call Recording is secondary. The solution set up is often done generically, which can lead to issues and poor performance.

The Solution: There are several steps that you can take to ensure that you are investing in the best solution for your needs and that it will be designed and implemented with your environment and architecture in mind. Most importantly, ask questions! Call Recording is crucial for compliance, Quality Assurance, and risk mitigation – don’t allow it to be an afterthought.

  • Ask your partner for their Call Recording specialist. A specialist will take a comprehensive look at your needs and environment to ensure you are investing in the best fit solution.
  • Ask whether those designing and implementing your system are tier-3 trained and experts in the design and implementation of Call Recording solutions.
  • Finally, ask for a design document. This will help you ensure that architecture work was done specifically for your environment to prevent future issues.  

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