Software Updates & The Impact on Your Call Recording


The risk of not holistically planning for updates or other system changes is lost recordings, which can lead to non-compliance, fines, and loss of business.

It is crucial to take steps to mitigate this risk and ensure that updates are planned for and that all integrated systems are prepared and protected. There are several ways to achieve this:

  • Create a comprehensive plan for any updates or other system changes. Ensure that your internal IT resources are trained on all of your systems and understand how they impact one another.
  • Oftentimes internal IT resources do not have the necessary expertise on all systems to successfully mitigate risk. Your safest bet is to partner with a third-party service provider who is specialized in these systems and integrations and experienced with planning for any changes or updates. Your service provider can help you do due diligence and put a plan in place for any updates and advise on any potential impacts.
  • Create a contingency plan to address any unexpected impacts from system updates in order to avoid loss of data or recording downtime. Your service provider can help you create and implement this plan.

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