Recording Support Challenges - And Solutions to Them!

by Maggie Lehmann

As industry veterans, we’ve seen our fair share of changes in the industry. Recent advancements in recording technology and related applications have brought about increased efficiencies, reduced operational costs, improved ease of use, and much more.

Yet these solution improvements can also introduce a new set of support and service challenges.

  • Physical Components vs. Software Support: Providing support used to involve manually replacing a part or fixing a physical component; manufacturers were particularly good at this. Modern recording systems are primarily software-based and run on standardized servers. When something goes wrong these days, it’s very rarely a physical part that needs fixing or replacing.
  • Changing Priorities: Many companies have shifted their priorities and no longer focus their attention or resources on ongoing customer support. It’s more profitable for them to focus on R&D and sales.
  • Expert Knowledge: Telephony vendors are experts in their own field – radios, turrets, phones – and not in the highly nuanced field of Call Recording, or how all the systems interconnect. As a result, they don’t have the knowledge, expertise, or certification to properly support complex recording solutions.
  • Not Enough Engineers: There is a distinct lack of highly trained and certified Field Service Engineers available to perform service and provide support. For most companies, it usually isn’t worth the time or resources to hire, train, and appropriately compensate highly knowledgeable and certified Field Service Engineers.

It’s our goal at Wilmac to ensure that our customers receive great – not just adequate – support, as they navigate this dynamic technical landscape.

Our depth of services, wide variety of products, and unparalleled maintenance plans allow us to offer superior hardware and software support. Not only do we have a stockpile of hardware components for legacy systems, we also are trained and certified on the latest and most current versions of industry-leading recording software. Recording is our specialty, and we have the knowledge and skills to back it up.

To round it all out, our team of Field Service Engineers is the largest of any Call Recording vendor in North America. Plus, all of our Service Engineers are level-3 certified and trained. Our Service Engineers are out there every day with our customers, and we make sure that we give them the training, resources, and support they need so that they can best support you!

So if you’re looking for great recording support, you’re not likely to get it from your manufacturer or your telephony vendor. Talk to Wilmac today to see how we can support you and your Communication Recording needs.

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