Public Safety Interoperability and Resource Consolidation

by Maggie Lehmann

Public Safety agencies – PSAPs, Sherriff’s offices, Fire Departments, and others – are essential to the well being and safety of their communities. Without their services, there would be no one to answer 9-1-1 calls, respond to emergencies, protect our citizens, put out fires, or provide essential medial aid.

Despite their critical nature, Public Safety agencies are under constant pressure from local, state, and federal governments to:

  • Reduce overall operational costs
  • Make every bit of funding stretch farther
  • Operate and respond more effectively to emergencies

Meeting these objectives can seem impossible. However, there is one solution that can help Public Safety Emergency Communication Center reach its goals: Consolidate resources with a neighboring or nearby county.

Consolidating Public Safety resources and ensuring interoperability of technology can:

  • Reduce duplication of work
  • Eliminate redundant equipment, hardware, software, and licenses
  • Increase productivity
  • Standardize and improve policy adherence
  • Lower overall costs, including overhead management, IT, and maintenance
  • Make information sharing faster, easier, and more efficient

In the past, consolidation meant physically bringing people and technology together into a single physical location. Today, virtualization, online hosting, and multi-tenancy options can effectively stretch resources further, with options that can be extended to maximize the benefits from Voice Recording and Digital Evidence Management solutions.

NICE Inform, the leading Public Safety Digital Evidence Management solution, can be deployed in a hosted environment and allow each individual PSAP to access their own recordings and data files while still maintaining agency partitioning. This means that multiple sites can access Inform’s key features and benefits without worrying about privacy concerns or improper evidence management.

For some PSAPs who have local administration lines or radio consoles that need logging on site, NICE offers Inform Matrix to seamlessly blend on-site and shared hosted logging solutions.

Whether one or all resources are shared, working with the same systems and following standardized procedures can lead to communication and work processes improvements, which in turn can improve efficiency and make every dollar go farther.

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