Outsourcing Your Call Recording Management

What would you do if you had more time?

Wilmac’s Staffing Services can guarantee that one time-consuming task – managing your Call Recording system – is taken off your list!

And whether you use that time to relax, or, more likely, turn your attention towards other crucial tasks, Wilmac’s Staffing Services are available to make your life easier.

On your behalf, our expert Field Service Engineers can:

  • Manage routine system administration tasks
  • Perform comprehensive System Health Checks
  • Fulfill search and replay retrieval requests
  • Handle move/add/change (MAC) requests
  • Troubleshoot problems or inconsistencies

And, depending on various factors – including the complexity of the task or the length of the project – Wilmac’s FSEs are available to complete tasks remotely or on-site. Either way, our highly trained and certified Field Service Engineers are the right solution to managing your Call Recording, Workforce Management, Digital Evidence Management, or other integrated systems.

A good way to think of it is this: our Staffing Service options allow Wilmac to act as an extension of your own internal resources. This frees up your existing IT assets, eliminates your need to hire/train/retain qualified engineers, and saves you time.  

It’s up to you how you use that extra time. Even if all you do with your extra time is enjoy a nice cup of coffee, Wilmac’s Staffing Services are available to make your life a little bit easier.

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