NICE Receives Frost & Sullivan’s Customer Value Leadership Award in Public Safety for Innovation in Cloud-Based Investigation and Evidence Management Solutions


NICE was recognized for its development of digital transformation solutions for public safety agencies, including emergency communications, law enforcement, and criminal justice partners. The award specifically cited NICE Investigate and NICE Inform, which have digitally transformed public safety agencies around the world, including emergency communications centers, police departments, and criminal justice systems, to help them streamline operations and build safer communities. A full copy of the Frost & Sullivan Public Safety Software Solutions Best Practices Research report can be downloaded here.

In identifying NICE’s strengths in the public safety realm, the Frost & Sullivan report states, “As data grows and budgets decrease, police departments are turning to digital transformation to accomplish more with less. NICE’s game-changing investigation and evidence management platform, NICE Investigate, can help police departments stretch their limited budget dollars without compromising service quality, by automating investigative processes. Departments can realize ten-fold-plus savings in productivity, and use technology as a force multiplier to help officers spend more time in the community and investigating cases, without adding extra overhead and costs.”

The report also lauded NICE for its innovative solutions for 911 centers. According to Frost & Sullivan, statistics show that 20-40% of all incidents are downgraded by police following the initial classification by 911. Over-response can expose citizens and officers to unnecessary risk, escalate incidents, cause reputational damage for 911 centers and patrol officers, and waste scarce police budget dollars. For these reasons, placing more focus and investment in 911 operations will ultimately help to deescalate tension between citizens and police.

The report stated, “NICE Inform can help 911 centers address these challenges to improve downstream police response. With NICE Inform, 911 centers can gain better visibility into how telecommunicators handle incidents to spot issues (e.g., over-response or under-response to calls) early on.”

“Public safety agencies are facing unprecedented challenges – more data to manage, higher emergency call volumes, and growing scrutiny and expectations, all at a time when budgets are decreasing,” said Chris Wooten, Executive Vice President, NICE. “NICE’s digital transformation solutions are at the forefront of helping departments solve these challenges. By investing in NICE Inform and NICE Investigate, public safety agencies can create operational efficiencies, improve service, cut costs, and close budget gaps. We’re honored that our innovation in public safety has once again been recognized by Frost and Sullivan.”

“NICE is a first mover in the public safety digital technology and transformation arena,” said Danielle VanZandt, Industry Analyst, Frost & Sullivan. “As a leader in digital transformation solutions for emergency communications, law enforcement, and criminal justice partners, NICE is known for platforms that deliver extraordinary value to customers in the form of productivity savings, improved service quality, and safer communities. For its ongoing commitment to public safety through superior technological innovation, outstanding continuous customer service, and overall strong performance, Frost & Sullivan is proud to present NICE Public Safety with the 2020 North America Customer Value Leadership Award.”

The report concluded, “Frost & Sullivan recognizes how the company (NICE) and its market-leading cloud solution have revolutionized incident intelligence and digital investigation by offering game-changing digital evidence management and investigation capabilities, such as artificial intelligence and cross-jurisdictional evidence sharing and collaboration. NICE Public Safety brings real customer value and support to often overwhelmed law enforcement investigators and prosecutors, allowing them to increase public safety.”