Looking for An Easy Way to Search and Replay Legacy Recordings? Meet Wilmac’s Continuity.


Historically, Wilmac’s portfolio of products has included only those designed and created by third-party manufacturers. Our process has been to hand select only the highest quality products to include in our ‘toolbox’, with every product we offer going through a rigorous evaluation and testing process. We guarantee that if a product isn’t the best and most appropriate solution for your unique needs and environment, we won’t sell it to you.

In recent years, Wilmac has discovered that many customers have experienced difficulties with Legacy Voice Data Management, particularly when audio records and metadata are stored on decommissioned legacy equipment.

To address this need and make search and replay functionality easier for our customers, Wilmac has developed our own proprietary search and replay application. To quote the 2005 animated movie Robots, “see a need, fill a need.” Wilmac has done just that.

Introducing Continuity, Wilmac’s intuitive, web-based browser interface that allows for easy search and replay of legacy recorded calls and metadata.

Here’s how Continuity Works:

  • Data is extracted from old/decommissioned/legacy recording systems or machines
    • Wilmac can perform this step on your behalf – this is available as a Managed Service
  • The legacy recording system or machine can then be eliminated completely, which reduces physical real estate
  • The exported data, which is most likely in a proprietary format, needs to be converted into something more usable
  • The newly converted data is imported into Continuity
    • Search and replay becomes quick and easy
    • Records are safely retained for compliance and internal rule adherence

Contact us today to learn more about how Continuity can help you manage your Legacy Voice Recordings.

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