Looking Beyond Your Internal Resources


Call Recording solutions have become more important in recent years as organizations rely on them for compliance with stringent regulations and to ensure quality. With US brands losing an estimated $41 billion per year due to poor customer service and non-compliance fines skyrocketing, ensuring your Call Recording system is well maintained is of critical importance.

Today’s systems are far more complex than their predecessors. Their maintenance requires specialized training and knowledge. In the past, internal IT resources were sufficient in most organizations to handle the upkeep of Call Recording technology, but the complexity of today’s systems has rendered this approach ineffective. Many organizations no longer have the specially trained and certified resources to properly maintain their Call Recording system and are therefore looking outside of their internal resources for support.

Third-party service providers are an excellent option for those organizations that cannot devote specialized internal resources to their Call Recording equipment. Benefits of looking outside of your internal resources and leveraging a third-party provider to manage your solution include:

  • Dedicated attention to your system. A third-party provider will free up your internal IT resources’ time and will proactively identify and address any issues to prevent downtime or lost calls. Some providers offer 24-7 remote monitoring, allowing you to avoid any major issues.
  • Support for any and all needs. Organizations managing their own systems often assume that they can rely on the manufacturer for support when an issue arises, only to find out that manufacturer support is limited, at best. A third-party provider has dedicated resources to help you resolve any issue, regardless of severity, quickly and effectively. 

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