How to record every call, every time


Recording every call, every time.

You know you need to do it. You know it’s important and there will be consequences if you don’t do it, but how do you do it? We have found the answer to be twofold: you need resilient technology and exceptional support.

You must first start with a resilient Call Recording system. While no one wants to actively think about the emergencies and disasters that could occur, it is important to have a comprehensive Business Continuity plan in place to fully ensure your organization’s continued success. Having a dependable Call Recording system that also features resilient backup and recovery options can see you through a wide range of hardships or disasters.

Once you have the most resilient system, you need to ensure you have the highest level of support to maintain its effectiveness. More and more these days, internal IT teams do not have the bandwidth, resources, or specialized knowledge to effectively support their Call Recording solution. Bringing in a third-party service provider is a logical and intelligent option, but only if that service provider is reliable and trustworthy.

You then must ask some key questions:

  • Do you have the best and highest-ranked third-party service provider?
  • Can you be sure that service provider meets their SLAs 100% of the time?
  • Is their initial response time prompt?
  • What happens if you need help over the weekend? In the middle of the night? During a holiday?
  • Are the technicians knowledgeable and helpful? Professional and friendly?

Partnering with a company that understands the ins-and-outs of the Call Recording industry is essential. Furthermore, you should choose a company that appreciates the value of honoring SLAs and providing timely and expert support. This support, paired with a resilient system, can go a long way to help ensure you truly do record every call, every time.

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