Five Key Considerations When Buying Your Next Recording Solution


Whether you record calls to meet compliance requirements, to ensure quality, for investigations, or for risk mitigation, your Communication Recording solution plays a major role in your organization.

Buying a new system can be a daunting task. Here are five key considerations to keep in mind when buying your next recording solution:

1. YOUR NEEDS This may seem obvious, but think through your specific organizational and business needs.

    • Is your primary concern compliance or service quality?
    • How many agents do you need to record?
    • What goals would you like to achieve with recording?
    • What are your pain points?

2. SUPPORT & MAINTENANCESupport and maintenance are a necessary part of any recording system investment and it is best to plan for it upfront, rather than later. Your provider should offer flexible, comprehensive support and maintenance programs that fit your technology and your organizational needs. Oftentimes, customers are surprised to hear that manufacturers do not provide support for many issues. Making sure you not only have maintenance, but that your coverage is complete, is essential to avoiding downtime.

3. TOTAL COST OF OWNERSHIP Remember to think about the Total Cost of Ownership for your system over the course of its entire life. Consider both the upfront investment, and also the on-going maintenance, support, and services you may need later on. A cheap initial price tag doesn’t necessarily cover all of the support you may need later on.

4. FEATURES Consider what features you need, and what features could make your life easier.

    • Do you require a web-based interface for remote agents?
    • Do you need the ability to grant varying levels of access to properly handle sensitive information?
    • For Public Safety environments, do you need the ability to record and organize multimedia data?

5. PROVIDER A knowledgeable provider will help you ensure that you invest in the best solution for your organization. The provider you work with should be experienced and take the time to understand your environment, needs, and goals.

    • What similar work have they done?
    • Will they provide references?
    • Who will design and implement your solution?
    • Who will provide training?
    • Are they certified professionals?
    • Will they partner with you throughout the life of your system?

Keep these five key considerations in mind when looking to purchase a new Call Recording system and you are guaranteed to be paired with the best and most appropriate recording solution, from a supportive vendor, that will meet your needs now and into the future.

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