Digital Evidence Management: Solving Crimes and Closing Cases Faster

To date, most forces’ attempts to digitize manual investigative processes haven’t produced huge efficiency gains. Investigators may use various search tools and electronic tasking systems to access and analyze digital evidence, but at the end of the day they are still logging into silos and performing what are tantamount to manual tasks.

With DEMS, investigators can do all of their investigative work (evidence collection, analysis, and sharing) through a single logon and system, powered by automated workflows, and this generates massive efficiency gains.

Al Stringer, former Senior Project Manager for Merseyside Police explains: “In my previous role spearheading the Merseyside DEMS project, I determined through cost savings analysis that a force with approximately 4,000 officers would be able to recoup the equivalent time savings of 60 detectives per year, simply by automating manual investigative processes through a single DEMS. Ultimately, this means investigators can spend less time on manual tasks, and focus on solving crimes and closing cases faster.”

By providing a single system for investigators to do all of their work, and automating the processes around collecting, analyzing and sharing digital evidence, DEMS not only saves significant time and money, it can also help get (and keep) criminals off the streets.