Case Study: Deploying NICE Inform Intelligence Center for Digital Transformation of Consolidated 911 Operations

Cook County Sheriff’s Police 911 Center, a consolidated 911 center serving Cook County, Illinois, will be deploying the NICE Inform Intelligence Center and other advanced NICE Inform capabilities to digitally transform processes around tracking performance metrics and performing quality assurance reviews. Through this transformation, the County expects to achieve time savings and improve levels of service for member agencies, communities, state’s attorneys, and other stakeholders. Cook County, Illinois, is the second largest county in the United States, with a population of more than 5 million. 

As a consolidated center, the Cook County Sheriff’s Police 911 Center takes approximately 150,000 911 calls a year (550,000 in total including non-emergency calls) and provides dispatching services for 13 other public safety agencies. With consolidation now legally mandated in Illinois for any 911 center serving populations under 25,000, the Center has grown dramatically, continuing to add member agencies and more than doubling dispatchers in the past six years. The center’s highly skilled dispatchers also handle calls regarding incidents and maintenance issues on the Metra rail system, the third largest rail system in the United States, used by over 300,000 commuters each day. 

Martin Bennett, ENP, Executive Director for the 911 Center and Cook County ETSB, said, “As we’ve grown, our challenges have become amplified. We have more dispatchers, taking more types of calls, supporting more member agencies and more evidentiary requests coming from the court system. With all of these added complexities, we need access to timely data that can tell us what happened and how we can perform better. Today, all of this data resides in different systems, so finding it and piecing it together can consume enormous resources. The NICE Inform Intelligence Center, along with other advanced capabilities of NICE Inform, give us everything we need, all in one solution, to proactively address these challenges.” 

Chris Wooten, Executive Vice President, NICE, said, “Because our NICE Inform Intelligence Center sits at the center of today’s emergency communications center ecosystem and integrates to all of the key systems – CAD, 911, radio, and more – 911 centers get a single system of record leveraging all their data, and unprecedented insights they can’t get anywhere else.” 

Leveraging NICE Inform Intelligence Center’s incident intelligence dashboards and other advanced NICE Inform capabilities, the Cook County Sheriff’s Police 911 Center will digitally transform processes around: 

  • Tracking performance metrics to provide insights into where improvements can be made: The NICE Inform Intelligence Center’s dashboards automatically consolidate data from all systems to provide instant visibility into what’s happening, with dozens of real-time metrics including time to answer, time to enter, time to dispatch, time to on-scene and more. Managers can drill down to the dispatcher level and even view metrics for different incident types or individual member agencies. Member agencies will also have access to their own dashboards to view response metrics and heat maps that show what calls are coming from what locations, so they can better understand crime patterns and allocate resources accordingly.
  • Automating quality assurance (QA) reviews and proactively addressing small problems before they become big issues: The Cook County Sheriff’s Police 911 Center will use NICE Inform to replace random quality checks with more consistent, automated, data-driven quality assurance reviews, to keep up with growing call volumes. For example, using data from the CAD and telephony systems, NICE Inform can automatically pull specific types of calls for supervisors to review (based on their priority, excessive time to dispatch, or other criteria). 
  • Automating incident reconstruction to cut down on resource drain and save time: FOIA (Freedom of Information) and state’s attorney requests received by the Cook County Sheriff’s Police 911 Center have almost tripled in recent years. Instead of logging into different systems and databases, and spending hours or days pulling data and piecing it together, records custodians will now be able to pull complete incident reconstructions, simply by keying in a CAD incident number. 


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