Beyond Recording Calls – Do Something with Your Data!


With modern recording solutions, you get more than just simple voice calls recorded. Capturing the data – be it voice, video, metadata, chat, social, email, SMS, etc. – is just the first step. What your system can do with the data is key.

Here are a few examples (broken out by the three vertical markets Wilmac serves), of what else your recording system can do for you

Public Safety:

  • Incident Information Management systems allow command and control centers to bring together information from various sources – including multimedia, telephone, VoIP, radio, video and screen recordings, text, and picture data – and gain further insight. Incident Information Management systems bring context to the chaos of digital evidence.
  • QA/QI Programs ensure frequent and systematic evaluation of emergency calls to identify performance issues, knowledge gaps, and compliance violations of call takers and dispatchers. These programs help emergency centers evaluate and improve their incident response performance.
  • Screen Recording, which can be used in collaboration with QA/QI Programs, provide another crucial piece of data needed for agent assessment, quality purposes, and compliance verification. Screen Recorded data can also be used as part of investigations.

Contact Centers:

  • Workforce Management (WFM) solutions enable Contact Centers to optimize their staffing, forecasting, and reporting by making sure the right person (agent), with the right skills is available at the right time. This helps to significantly improve customer service standards by ensuring that customers’ needs are addressed in a timely and appropriate manner.
  • Workforce Optimization (WFO) maximizes your Contact Center’s efficiency by improving agent productivity, identifying performance gaps, delivering targeted coaching, effectively forecasting workloads, and creating optimal staff schedules.
  • Performance Management solutions provide data-driven insights and improve transparency. These solutions combine powerful analytics, planning, and reporting tools.
  • Quality Monitoring (QM) tools allow your organization to maximize the value of customer interactions by analyzing each interaction and tracking against business goals. QM solutions allow for a more encompassing view of service quality.

Financial Compliance Institutions:

  • Compliance Regulation Support, which comes in the form of Internal Compliance (risk management guidelines that are defined and enforced by the organization) and External Regulatory (mandates set by an external agency), are both available through an organization (like Wilmac) that places particular emphasis on the value of compliance.
  • Dodd-Frank Regulations, and other similar legal regulations, have a great deal of influence over Call Recording requirements. Having a partner who understands the intricacies of Dodd-Frank and similar legislature can mean the difference between remaining compliant or facing significant violations and fines.
  • Multi-Channel Communication Capture, including mobile phones, allow for all communication channels to be recorded, archived, and accessed in one inclusive platform. This is essential if communications are needed for audit trails or other compliance verification.
  • Proper Turret Integration with the Call Recording solution ensures that all interactions are fully recorded, securely stored, and easily retrievable for incident recreation.
  • Legacy Recording System Management, including the actual legacy voice data stored on old and outdated equipment, ensures that if an organization is asked to retrieve old calls, they are available. 

If you have any questions about recording calls (and capturing the associated data), or what you can do with the data once it has been collected, please reach out to Wilmac. Call Recording is our specialty – and has been for decades – but we understand that there is so much more than just simply recording calls. We would love the opportunity to inform you about the options available and help you get the most out of your recording system.

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