Aging Technology: Considerations & Options

Discontinued, End of Life, EOL, Legacy, Sunset... No matter what you call it, it’s important to plan for the future.

No technology lasts forever, and your Voice Recording system and related applications are no exception. Manufacturers regularly discontinue sales and support for IT products, software, and hardware. It is vital that your business understands the key milestones in the discontinuation process, and how each event affects you.

If your voice recording system and related technology (Turrets, Radios, Operating Systems, etc.) are End of Life or have reached ‘Legacy’ status, you probably are feeling pressure to upgrade or replace them. This might not work for you – you may not have budget, or your systems might be functioning just fine. Furthermore, changes to technology in your environment can negatively impact your Call Recording system and in some situations, even cause lost recordings. Considerations for legacy data on ‘old’ systems is of vital importance for many organizations.

We understand how various systems interact and affect one another. Let us know before you make a change, and we can provide guidance on how best to proceed. Additionally, just because a system becomes EOL doesn’t mean you need to replace it immediately. Support outside your existing or expiring policy is available. Wilmac can provide continued service and support for many EOL systems from many technology manufacturers. We can also help export or transfer information from legacy solutions into an updated format.

Our experience ranges from legacy systems no longer supported, to the latest and most current releases of their software and equipment. We have installed thousands of systems for our customers and performed hundreds of thousands of service hours on various equipment. We’re truly industry experts with an of-service mindset.

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Do you fully understand the implications of these events? And more specifically, do you know when each of these milestones will occur for your system?

Wilmac does! And we’re here to help you.