3 Tips for Practicing Proactive Compliance


“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” This axiom is true whether we are discussing the health of a human body or the health of a Call Recording system. If you exercise and eat appropriately now, you’re less likely to need that triple bypass later. Similarly, if you perform Proactive Compliance now, you’re less likely to face non-compliance later.

So what does Proactive Compliance look like? What can your organization do now that can save you from risk later?

Here are three actions you can take to help ensure your organization is, and continues to be, compliant.

  1. Automate Testing: End-to-end automated testing solutions can remove the human element from the testing and monitoring process by performing the same routine tests on your Call Recording system than an engineer would. Any issues or problems identified are then reported back for fast resolution. This process ensures your Call Recording system is ready at the beginning of every day, and no calls, transactions, or data get lost.
  2. Manage Legacy Voice Recordings:Communication data archived on legacy systems may be required for transaction reconstruction and compliance purposes. Wilmac’s Continuity can export old call data from a retired system and convert it into a more easily usable digital format. This means that legacy data is easily searchable and readily available if needed.
  3. Integrate your Communication Channels Recordings: While many current regulations focus on recording and archiving voice calls, non-voice data is becoming more predominant and likely needs to be recorded as well. Integrating recorded chat, SMS, email, video, mobile, and other communications types into one recording system and interface can reduce the complexity of event reconstruction and save your organization a lot of time.

All three of these actions can save you time and money in the event of an audit or mandated transaction reconstruction. With these steps, you ensure the information you need is available at your fingertips and staying compliant is easier than ever.

You can read more about Proactive Compliance here, and if you are interested, Our Subject Matter Experts would love to discuss this topic with you. It is also possible that there are other Proactive Compliance measures your organization can take that can save you from potential legislative action, fines, and damaged reputation. Contact us today.

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