Company Profile:

Teleopti is a leading provider of solutions for strategic Workforce Management (WFM) and Telecom Expense Management (TEM). Teleopti offers a world-class WFM solution that is sophisticated, localized, and easy to use. Teleopti focuses on helping Contact Centers, back offices, and retail stores improve customer service, employee satisfaction, and profitability through optimized, automated forecasting and scheduling.

Teleopti's solutions enable users to reliably forecast demand, increase customer and employee satisfaction, and make the most efficient use of their resources. Teleopti's solutions can be used to optimize staffing and customer service in the Contact Center as well as back office and physical branch or store. For more information, visit

Wilmac & Teleopti Partnership:

A partnership with a WFM industry-leader such as Teleopti allows Wilmac to provide customized Workforce Optimization and advanced scheduling solutions for organizations of any size. Wilmac's high level of knowledge and experience in and around the Contact Centers pairs well with Teleopti's feature-rich and user-friendly WFO/WFM solution to help organizations improve their customer service, employee satisfaction, and profitability.