Red Box

Red Box Recorders

Company Profile:

Red Box is a leading dedicated voice specialist, empowering organizations to capture, secure, and unlock the value of enterprise wide voice. With the most open and connected platform, Red Box solutions capture all voice communications from anywhere, irrespective of source - without needing to change your existing telecoms infrastructure and backed by unrivaled resilience and service excellence. Red Box Recorders serves the needs of:

  • Contact Centers
  • Financial service institutions
  • Public Safety organizations
  • Governments

With over 20 years in the industry, Red Box is committed to continuous research and development and has forged a reputation for developing unique, high-quality software. Red Box designs its solutions in-house to be scalable for businesses of all sizes, and flexible to respond to evolving regulations, challenges, and needs. For more information, visit

Wilmac & Red Box Partnership:

Red Box's flexible, secure, and resilient recording solutions address regulatory needs and take the headache of out of compliance. Through our partnership with Red Box, we provide you with the most resilient, open and connected voice capture platform. Unlock the value of captured voice through seamless integration with your choice of applications or services via free and open APIs or by utilizing Red Box’s Quantify application suite, or a combination of both.

Partnered with Wilmac, our customers can avoid non-compliance and fines by capturing voice and data communications for record keeping, investigations, Quality Monitoring, and more. Red Box's capture and replay functionality, Workforce Optimization options, compliance recording solutions, and incident reconstruction and auditing solutions help our customers, regardless of their organizational size, to remain compliant and efficient.