Company Profile:

Numonix delivers award-winning interaction recording solutions that boost business success for virtually every vertical market. Numonix's award-winning, innovative RECITE interaction recording solutions helps enterprises gain and maintain a competitive edge by ensuring regulatory compliance, improving customer service, and helping resolve disputes.

A Microsoft Partner, Numonix was one of the first companies to bring to market an interaction recording solution for Skype for Business. Compatible with virtually every cloud and on-premises business communication platform and interface available today, Numonix's interaction recording solutions are scalable from five to 500,000 users and deliver a reliable and robust set of features at affordable price. RECITE is available globally throughout the Americas, APAC and EMEA. For more information, visit

Wilmac & Numonix Partnership:

Microsoft's latest Unified Communications platform, Skype for Business, continues to increase in popularity as a mainstream communication channel for office environments. To address this trend and the regulatory compliance requirements that now necessitate capturing these interactions, Wilmac has partnered with Numonix to offer their comprehensive interaction recording solutions.

In addition to capturing and managing Skype for Business communications, Numonix also offers TDM, VoIP, mobile, chat, and Screen Recording for Contact Centers and financial compliance institutions of various sizes. Through Wilmac, customers have access to a full suite of recording and management services, including reporting, PCI compliance assistance, customizable APIs, Quality Management, and live monitoring.