NICE Uptivity

Company Profile:

Part of the NICE family, Uptivity is an agile Workforce Optimization (WFO) product suite designed for the unique needs of mid-size market Contact Centers. Uptivity allows SMBs to get started quickly with a simple, modern, and intuitive interface, that allows for adding users and functionality as they grow. With NICE Uptivity, the on-premises deployment is easily expandable, and features a clear growth path to ensure that investments are protected in the future. For more information, visit



Wilmac & Uptivity Partnership:

With decades of experience in the SMB space, we know how difficult finding the best fitting solution can be for Contact Centers. NICE Uptivity addresses many of those challenged, and paired with Wilmac’s unparalleled service and support, customers can realize the benefits of the industry’s most powerful technology. A complete, modular WFO suite that is easy to deploy and use is available – learn more here.