Company Profile:

Cognia is a UK-based company with operations in North America and Asia-Pacific. Established in 2007, Cognia helps businesses address financial services compliance, customer engagement and interaction improvement, and productivity challenges across a wide range of business sectors, including finance, energy, healthcare, and retail.

Cognia provides Mobile Recording and archiving solutions that integrate with mobile operator networks to capture all incoming and outgoing calls and voicemail. This process eliminates the need for handset applications or other over-the-top services that can degrade call quality, increase support overhead, or create compliance issues. For more information, visit

Wilmac & Cognia Partnership

Many financial services industry professionals have long held the attitude that recording is not a necessity until regulators insist that it is. This attitude had been greatly shaped by the passage of the Dodd-Frank Act and the corresponding industry reform that took place within the financial service industry.

To adhere to Dodd-Frank and other regulatory compliance laws, it is now necessary for most financial service organizations to record mobile transactions, regardless of country of origin or business size.

Wilmac has partnered with Cognia to meet these Mobile Recording and archiving needs, and to offer Cognia's Unified Communications recording archive. Cognia's focus on Mobile Recording supplements Wilmac's ability to offer recording and integration expertise to help organizations – regardless of their size or current technological infrastructure – begin making the transition to Unified Communications for compliance and cost-saving purposes.