Wilmac partners with Cognia to offer cloud-based Unified Communications solutions, including Mobile Recording and archiving services

Feb 7, 2017

Wilmac, the premier global provider of sales, professional services, and support for the world's most widely used recording technologies, has announced the formation of a strategic partnership with Cognia, a worldwide leader in cloud-based Mobile Compliance Recording and archiving, to offer multimedia capture, archiving, search, and analytics on a single, global cloud platform-as-a-service. In their own words, Cognia "helps financial institutions large and small make light work of communications compliance, surveillance, and risk management, across mobile voice, text, landline, video, skype, email, and social media."

As many business processes transition away from hardware-based architecture and technology to cloud-based unified platforms, having a comprehensive plan to manage these communication channels is more imperative than ever, especially considering the increasing impact of mobile device usage in business and financial service environments.

To manage our customers' current environments and plan for future needs, Wilmac now offers Unified Communication and Mobile Recording solutions that allow for the secure and easy capture, storage, analysis, and retrieval of recordings from multiple communication devices and types. Cognia's role as the world's first company with an enterprise-grade Mobile Recording solution gives our customers a leading edge in Mobile Communication Recording.


Wilmac is the premier global provider of sales, professional services, and support for the world's most widely used recording technologies. Wilmac's Communication Recording experience and expertise serves a variety of industries including Contact Centers, Financial Compliance institutions, and Public Safety and Security organizations. As a leading Communication Recording specialist, with expertise that extends far beyond just one product or one manufacturer, Wilmac's sales approach is consultative and ensures customers are matched with the best and most appropriate recording solution for their specific environment, industry, and needs.

Wilmac is headquartered in Rochester, NY, with offices in New York City, Philadelphia, PA, and Toronto, ON. Find news and information at www.wilmacco.com


Cognia is a Mobile Recording and archiving company that helps businesses address compliance, service assurance, and productivity challenges across a wide range of business sectors, including finance, energy, healthcare, and retail.

Cognia provides multimedia data capture, archiving, analytics, and application connectivity on their global, cloud-based communications platform, which is available "as-a-service". From cloud to Mobile Recording, Cognia supports financial services compliance for regulatory compliance adherence, dispute resolution, and risk mitigation.