Wilmac and Market Communications partner to provide superior End of Life services and support for Legacy Financial Compliance Recording systems

Nov 23, 2015

In the interest of providing our Financial Compliance customers with additional options when their Call Recording equipment reaches End of Life (EOL), Wilmac has partnered with New York City based information technology solution and service provider Market Communications.

This partnership ensures that customers can work directly with Wilmac and have one integrated source for End of Life (EOL) services for all their compliance technology. As such, Market Communications will provide support for the turret component, with Wilmac supporting the voice recording side of the equation and handling the integration. For customers with End of Life equipment – either turrets or voice recorders – this agreement means that customers can work with Wilmac directly and gain the benefits of this joint partnership to support their environment and ensure compliance is enforced.

Headquartered in New York City, NY with many North American and global locations, Market Communications has provided innovative strategies and service for the financial industry since 1998. They support more than 4,000 IPC turrets globally. Market Communications' goal is threefold: to give customers the option to keep their IPC system until they ready to replace it; to give customers the option to upgrade on their own schedule and budget; and to provide customers with a unique patented and "fully distributed" solution.