Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

At Wilmac, we combine our extensive experience, technical expertise, and specialized industry knowledge to ensure our customers receive the best and most appropriate Call Recording products, services, and support.

We're dedicated to being the best in all that we do – and this starts with having the best team of people.

We challenge ourselves to think outside the box, creatively problem solve any challenge in front of us, and constantly focus on improving our skills in all areas.

We're always looking for talented people to join our team.  If you're interested in a rewarding career with long term growth opportunities, we want to hear from you.

What does a Wilmac Team Member look like? What does it mean to be a member of Wilmac's Team? What do Wilmac Employees look like?

  • Curious. "How does that work? Why? Can you show me?" type curious. Curious enough to want to find the answer, even if the answers are not immediately apparent.
  • Constantly learning. Keeping up on industry news, reading product manuals, achieving professional certifications. Taking things apart – whether equipment, a system design, or a difficult sales scenario -  and putting it back together, just for the sake of learning how to do it.
  • Tech-y. Obviously, to be on the service team of a technology-focused company like Wilmac you do have to be technically inclined. Much more so for Service Team members, whether it’s through a formal institution, self-taught, or best, yet, a combination of the two.
  • Professional. The ability to go from a phone call, to an in-person visit, to a webinar seamlessly and appropriately is a must. Our service engineers assume the appropriate level of formality or familiarity depending upon the situation.
  • Adaptable. At Wilmac, we are here to provide any help we can, and that includes advising our customers on where to find answers if the problem is outside of our scope (and our scope is expanding every day – thanks in part to our ongoing training.) Chances are, if we can help, we will. Even if it might not technically be our 'problem'.
  • Variety seekers. No two days at Wilmac are exactly the same. Each sales or service call, new opportunity, or new product installation brings unique challenges and exciting opportunities. There is no one 'typical' day at Wilmac. Every day is different and motivating in its own way. There's something exciting about using the answers you learned yesterday and translating them to fix the problems of today.
  • Solution oriented. Finding solutions is what Wilmac is all about. Our focus is selling and servicing Call Recording solutions, but more than anything, we like to focus on the solutions part of that descriptor, and this is what Wilmac does best: solve problems.