Workforce Optimization

Engage Agents With Integrated Solutions & Processes


When call recording solutions, quality monitoring software, and workforce management applications are designed, implemented, and supported properly, contact center operations are able to fully realize the efficiencies and value of an optimized workforce.

A mature WFO contact center will have actively engaged their agents through a formal process of coaching, training, eLearning, and workforce management. In an integrated environment, the various modules (coaching, voice of the customer, analytics, & forecasting/scheduling) are able to share data seamlessly and transparently – enabling you to operate more efficiently, more accurately measure your KPI’s, and ultimately increase customer satisfaction.

Our webinar, Workforce Optimization in the Contact Center, addresses how to transform your contact center to a fully optimized state. We will review:

  • Why it is imperative to engage your agents  
  • Challenges in transforming your contact center  
  • Integrated vs. connected solutions  
  • Leveraging data to define and achieve KPI’s, and to engage and change agent behavior

Customers will feel the impact of your optimized contact center through a stellar customer experience.  In a fully optimized state, you will decrease operational costs and increase customer satisfaction at the same time.


Click here to download our webinar on Workforce Optimization! 

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