Turrets and Voice Recording Solution Options

It’s a common practice for many turret vendors to bundle Voice Recording solutions when supplying their equipment. Unfortunately, they frequently use a ‘one size fits all’ approach and sell the Voice Recording system they are most comfortable with or are contractually obligated to supply, rather than focusing on the unique needs of each Financial Institution.

Voice Recording solutions are of utmost importance to ensure compliance, and can also improve efficiency and reduce liability. Having a solution that fits your individual needs is essential and is the only way to truly realize long-term benefits from your investment.

Oftentimes, users in the Financial Compliance space aren’t aware that Voice Recording and turrets do not need to be purchased together. Turret providers specialize in turret technology, just as Wilmac specializes in recording solutions. There are several advantages to purchasing your Voice Recording solution independent of a turret.

Voice Recording specialists offer: 

  • Assurance that your solution has the features to meet your specific needs and goals, while complying with mandated regulations
  • Knowledge and experience in designing and supporting critical recording systems
  • Ensured front-lined continued service and support from experienced and certified Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)

At Wilmac, a consultative Operational Assessment is conducted to ensure that our dedicated Financial Compliance practice group team has a full understanding of your organization’s current state, needs, and goals. With this in-depth understanding of your environment, we can configure a tailored solution that fully integrates with your turret system. We take service support very seriously and our highly experienced and skilled services team guarantees customer satisfaction from installation through legacy support. 

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