Speech Analytics

Speech Analytics

The increased prevalence of Call Recording and Quality Monitoring (QM) has resulted in an influx of digital communications within organizations. Whether the result of compliance and regulatory requirements, or internal Quality Assurance goals, organizations need a reliable solution to manage, utilize, and manipulate this data.

Speech Analytics takes 100% of captured voice data from both your agent and your customer, structures it based on customized criteria set by your organization, and delivers the data in an efficient and timely manner. This allows for unprecedented feedback on what transpires with each customer interaction.

Organizations are able to drive action by:

  • Coaching and guiding agents
  • Conducting root-cause analyses
  • Rapidly responding to market conditions
  • Developing and implementing strategic changes that support organizational objectives

A successful rollout of Speech Analytics tools can only be achieved with the proper consultative approach from our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). Their job is to ensure you're getting the results that matter. Coupled with a rigorous Quality Monitoring (QM) program, you can shape agent behavior and dramatically impact your bottom line.

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