Situation Management

Organizations involved in responding to emergency situations need relevant, cohesive, and real-time information to react quickly and efficiently. Situation Management solutions consolidate all incoming information and ensure that everyone involved knows what is happening. This allows responders to act effectively in real time to prevent, manage, and investigate incidents. These systems integrate and correlate information from multiple sources, including video surveillance, location tracking systems, gunshot detection systems, fire sensors, crime databases, mobile devices, and in-vehicle computers, among others. This allows for a close collaboration between technologies, enabling responders to gather an abundance of crucial information in real time.

Benefits of Situation Management solutions include:

  • Decreased risk of human error - automated tools prompt a consistent and appropriate response
  • Improved security responses - information is organized and integrated from a variety of sources\
  • Reduced operating costs - all security systems and equipment converge into a single unified platform

Tags: Public Safety, Situation Management

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