Service Team: Skills and Certifications

Our engineers are highly educated, trained, and certified. We have the largest team of certified Call Recording Service Engineers of any vendor in North America, all of whom are factory trained and certified on the latest software versions for every system we support. Wilmac’s engineers are all Tier 3-level certified.

All of our engineers participate in Professional Development. Training at Wilmac encompasses more than just the technical skills. We invest in personal and professional empowerment training for all of our employees. This training allows our people to grow and become the best they can possibly be, and in turn, it’s what makes them want to go the extra mile to help you. We see the value of this professional development every day, and want to extend this benefit to you.

Wilmac supports a variety of technologies that may be appropriate for your specific environment. Each member of our service team is factory trained and certified on these systems, and also spends time continually updating their collective knowledge base regarding these technologies. At Wilmac, we encourage our team members to never stop learning and developing their skills.

Our engineers can support:

  • Leading Voice Recording Technologies
    • NICE
    • Red Box Recorders
    • VPI
    • Knoahsoft
    • Nxtera
    • Teleopti
  • Legacy Systems
    • Racal
    • Dictaphone
    • Legacy NICE
  • VoIP Telephony
    • VoIP telephony infrastructure
    • RTP
    • SIP
    • CTI
    • Port Mirroring (SPAN, RSPAN)
  • Traditional Telephony
    • Analog
    • TDM
    • T1/E1 (voice)
  • Radio Communication Systems
    • Conventional analog
    • Digital trunked
    • P25 IP trunked
  • Information Technology
    • PC hardware
    • SAS, SATA
    • RAID
    • RS-232
    • Windows desktop operating systems
    • Windows server operating systems
    • Microsoft SQL
    • MySQL
    • LDAP
    • TCP/IP
    • DHCP
    • SMTP
    • SNMP
    • NAS/SAN (e.g. EMC2, Tivoli, NetApp)
    • AES encryption
    • MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Visio
    • Object-oriented programming languages
  • Public Safety Telecommunications
    • CAD
    • ANI/ALI
    • 9-1-1 Call Handling Systems
  • Financial Compliance Technologies
    • BT Turrets
    • IPC Turrets
    • Legacy IPC turrets
    • Speakerbus Turrets
  • Call Recording Related Technologies
    • Audio Compression (e.g. ADPCM, GSM, G.729a, G.723.1)
    • Call Center Quality Management
    • Workforce Management
    • Speech Analytics
    • CRM
  • Mixed Environments
    • With our breadth of certifications, we’re able to consult, support, and help redesign or network environments that have multiple systems from multiple vendors

All members of Wilmac’s Service Team are highly skilled and certified. Here are a few specific systems, hardware, software, and programs that we have extensive experience with:

  • A+ Windows
  • Network + Windows
  • A+ DOS/Microsoft Windows
  • MCSE Windows
  • NICE Dictaphone Freedom
  • Nicelog 8.9 Public Safety
  • Audiolog Call Recording Server
  • NICE Sentinel Advanced
  • Nice Perform 3.1
  • Nice Perform Express v3.0 Nice University
  • Nice Interaction Management 4.1
  • OAISYS Talkument
  • Nice Trading Recording/NRX 6.2 Advanced
  • Motorola MCC7500 Consoles
  • Motorola IP Loggers
  • NICE Pre-Sales Certification
  • NICE Sales Certification
  • NICE Engage 6.x Pre-Sales Certification
  • Operating Systems: MS DOS, Unix, Linux, Windows 95 through 10, Server 2003. 2008, 2010 ESX4.0
  • Software: MsSQL, MySQL, PHP, Apache, SSH, IIS, Hyper-V, vSphere, VirtualBox, Dream Weaver, Microsoft Excel, Word, Outlook, Exchange, Internet Explorer, Firefox, HTML, Netscape, Samba Server; Bullet Proof FTP, Server, Eudora Light, Sygate, WinGate, Adobe Acrobat and Photoshop CS2, PCanywhere; NetWare Light, Winzip, Pkzip, Telnet, Norton and McAfee AntiVirus and PC Anywhere, Fireworks and Flash

Is there a specific system, hardware, software, program, product, or technology you have questions about, but do not see on this list? Contact us and we’d be happy to evaluate your specific situation and find a course of action to support you. 

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