Retention and Replay: Legacy Voice Recording Systems

Compliance is a top priority for organizations of all sizes, including Public Safety and Security. Of the various requirements, one of the most important is the archiving, storing, and replay of telephony and radio. Although on the surface this mandate may seem simple, in practice it can be difficult to achieve. With the numerous rules and regulations governing compliance standards, understanding what your organization needs to do to comply may be unclear, especially for those transactions that were recorded on legacy equipment.

Archiving consists of not only storing past recordings for a set retention period, but also the ability to quickly identify and retrieve recordings when required. To complicate matters, retention periods can vary widely by organization and type of business. We have seen time frames that vary from weeks to seven or more years, along with requests to keep recordings “forever”. 

Surprisingly, given the critical role filled by recording systems, legacy recording technology designs did not always effectively address the long-term retention and replay capability that’s now required by many of today’s compliance standards and/or by your internal mandates.

It is common for those organizations to face challenges regarding:

  • Shelf-life of media formats
  • Proprietary hardware or software requirements
  • Litigation hold periods
  • Hardware footprint reduction requirements
  • Database migration issues
  • Unified replay application needs
  • Support for legacy recording operating systems

While these are all important considerations in any environment, it’s even harder for those with legacy Voice Recording systems that are no longer made or supported by the manufacturer. With over 20 years in the industry, Wilmac has numerous well-trained Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) familiar with most any equipment – regardless of manufacturer or age. We understand the dynamic requirements placed on our customers’ organizations and the pressure they may be under to maintain production or replay retention solutions.

To support our customers, Wilmac provides:

  • Consulting services that can put together a roadmap for complete compliance with your current technology
  • Support for legacy equipment 
  • Long-term replay systems setup and support
  • Data migration

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