Red Box Quantify Recording Suite

Quantify Recording Suite from Red Box Recorders is a comprehensive software-based voice and data recording solution designed to capture communications across an organization. Quantify’s core Search and Replay function allows for quick retrieval of recordings using custom search and listen-back options through its built in media player.

Designed to be reliable, easy to use, and swift to deploy, Quantify integrates seamlessly with established telephony, trading, radio, and Unified Communications platforms to deliver the reliability and functionality needed to meet strict compliance regulations and standards around the world. It is designed around your workflow and never dictates how you operate.

Red Box Quantify Capabilities and Benefits:

  • A software-based solution so implementation of the system does not require additional hardware
  • Applications scale effortlessly with business growth and it is possible to add features as you require them
  • An intuitive, web-based interface allows for immediate utilization with minimal training
  • Powerful Search and Replay functionality allows authorized users have the ability to add notes or tags to any call in the database, which can be used later to search for specific interactions
  • Built-in assurance of regulatory compliance, including PCI compliance and Financial Services related regulations such as Dodd-Frank, gives users the ability to minimize liability
  • Event reconstruction creates a full, 360-degree view of a specific event for investigation or analysis
  • Quality Management tools include live monitoring and audio analytics which allows users to mine recordings for key words

Red Box Quantify Recording Suite provides a flexible and intuitive way to ensure compliance, recording, Search and Replay functionality, and more.

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