Recording Skype for Business

Across the globe, the number of ways to connect with colleagues and customers is growing, and as these communication channels continue to increase in number, there is also an increasing need to seamlessly record these interactions, regardless of channel type.

Microsoft’s latest unified communications platform, Skype for Business (which succeeds its previous version, Microsoft Lync 2013) provides online meetings, messaging, calls, and video in one easy-to-use integrated platform. To address collecting, archiving, and analyzing data from these various channels, Wilmac offers recording solutions that integrate seamlessly with Skype for Business.

New recording solutions for Skype for Business facilitate the automated capture and retention of all of the communication channels involved, including:

  • Voice interactions, including peer-to-peer voice sessions and conference calls
  • Emails
  • Chats
  • Audio from Skype video calls
  • Mobile communications
  • And more

Additionally, thanks to advanced search functionality, all data is quickly and easily retrievable. It is also possible that your current recording solution may be able to integrate with Skype for Business, letting you use the same reliable system you already have and trust to seamlessly record these interactions.

If you have any questions about Skype for Business in general, or how Wilmac can help you record it, contact us today

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