Recording and your P25 Trunked Radio System

APCO Project 25 (P25) has had a significant impact on Public Safety communications by establishing a set of standards for systems and platforms. These standards allow for interoperability between products from different vendors, making it easier for Public Safety agencies to coordinate their various communication solutions.

Radio and Call Recording are key technologies impacted by these standards. When properly designed, implemented, and supported, the benefits are significant:

  • Costs are reduced
  • Reliability and availability are increased
  • Compliance is ensured
  • Interoperability functions seamlessly

Trunked radio recording allows organizations to securely capture, store, and recall voice data transmissions. Given the crucial task that is fulfilled by a trunked radio system, it is important that your solution and Voice Logger are configured properly to meet your specific organizational requirements.

However, we often encounter Public Safety organizations with poorly integrated solutions. In most of these cases, the end users purchased through their radio manufacturer and were never given options to evaluate the Voice Logging product that best meets their needs. To learn more about your options, we invite you to read more about evaluating your Voice Logging options.

Tags: Compliance, Interoperability, Public Safety

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