Real-Time Process Optimization

The Real-Time Process Optimization (RTPO) solution automates routine desktop activities – such as screen or application launches, data transfers across applications, button selection or combo/check-box selections – while also providing real-time recommendations and guidance using advanced analytics and ‘decisioning’ capabilities. 

The application can perform any desktop action on behalf of the human agent. Automation happens in real time, on the desktop or remote server, and can simulate any agent desktop activity. Desktop automation reduces processes duration, and can even eliminate agent action when no human decision making or action is required.

Additionally, RTPO streamlines daily activities by:

  • Ensuring adherence to internal and regulatory compliance standards
  • Consolidating data from multiple applications into a single window
  • Guiding employees, based on real-time process analysis
  • Ensuring key business rule configurations are enforced, based on customizable objectives
  • Providing dashboard displays with up-to-date KPIs

RTPO allows you to free up your employees’ time and reduce the risk of errors by automating common manual activities. As a result, handle time and after-call work is reduced.

Closely related to RTPO, Robotic Automation automates back office, non-Contact Center based tasks that don’t require human thought or involvement. By freeing up employees to focus on customer interactions, back office processes see improvement in efficiency, as well as reduced instances of human errors.

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