Real-Time Activity Monitoring

The Real-Time Activity Monitoring (RTAM) application captures and provides reports regarding the desktop activity of Contact Center and back office employees. With this information, managers can determine where the inefficiencies are and how best to address them.

RTAM monitors applications used and websites accessed, tasks performed, idle time, screen lock time, login time, etc. Desktop Monitoring collects data to identify desktop inefficiencies, ensure process adherence, and recognize best practices. This provides visibility to employee desktop activities. Application Monitoring also allows managers to gain visibility into how an employee is using applications and websites throughout the day.

Overall, the Real-Time Activity Monitoring (RTAM) suite of applications collects data to enable efficient Workforce Optimization (WFO). It uncovers bottlenecks and identifies time-saving processes improvement opportunities as well as addresses error-prone routine activities. Because it all occurs in real time, no operational efficiency is lost due to downtime.

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