Public Safety and Security

Security and Public Safety

Public Safety and Security environments, in their ongoing efforts to ensure the safety of the public, have unique Call Recording requirements. Systems must be reliable and accurate, while allowing for efficient tracking and analyzing of interactions and events. From initial contact to the dispatch of personnel or equipment, all elements of mission-critical calls are crucial.

In the past, Voice Recordings amounted for the majority of data collected. Modern emergency centers and Public Safety organizations now need to be prepared to handle a variety of incoming information sources, including text messages, pictures, video clips, and other types of multimedia.

Whether operating in a traditional telephony or newer VoIP environment, Wilmac understands the intricacies of the Public Safety Call Recording environment. We offer a customized, complete solution bolstered by exceptional service and support. Our solutions ensure secure evidence handling and sharing through Incident Information Management systems. These systems boast resiliency and interoperability, can reconstruct entire scenarios from multimedia sources, and facilitate the secure and traceable sharing of information.

Combined, our team of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and comprehensive suite of solutions help emergency centers securely, efficiently, and effectively manage multimedia incident information.

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