Professional Services

Combined with our client-orientated philosophy and extensive suite of best-of-breed products, we understand the importance of outstanding technical talent. To that extent, we only employ those with excellent technical competency and a service-oriented mindset.

Project Management: After your customized solution is designed by our pre-sales Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), the Project Management team takes over. Composed of knowledgeable professionals, their goal is to guarantee the proper implementation of your recording solution. The Project Manager oversees the entire operation and is responsible for ensuring that a productive atmosphere is established and maintained. Technically certified Sales Engineers help design the system and the system is staged at Wilmac before final installation.

Implementation and Deployment: Wilmac's authorized Service Technicians provide expert implementation to assure that every solution is properly configured and enabled as part of the operating environment. This Professional Service is an integral part of every solution and helps create an effective working relationship in which your expectations are always met and exceeded. After final system checks, our team trains the end users from your team to guarantee that the solution is understood and efficiently utilized.

Training Services: Training is a critical part of the project cycle and is adapted for each customer's environment depending on the complexity and scope of the deployment. We offer many different learning paths, and training engagements vary based on the specific needs of the customer. Wilmac's comprehensive training approach includes platform-specific training which covers the daily use and administration of the system(s) purchased. Training is live, instructor led, and can be conducted either on-site in a classroom or remotely via a webinar. Wilmac conducts the training using your live, on premise system, not on a "demo" or "lab" system. This ensures that the training environment will be identical to the users' real-world experiences.

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