PCI Compliance

Customer security is a major concern for organizations. As large-scale breaches of sensitive customer data have become increasingly common, it is crucial that companies take all of the necessary measures to protect customer information. Any organization that collects, processes, stores, or transmits payment data must comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

The PCI DSS is intended to protect customers against identity theft and fraud. Compliance covers not only internal policies, but an organization’s network architecture, software design, and more. Compliance as it relates to Call Recording and the storage of recorded material means that certain material may not be recorded at all, and that which is permissible to be recorded must be stored in accordance with PCI standards.

Recording solutions that are built to ensure compliance include the following capabilities:

  • Privacy controls – Built-in desktop analytics enable automatic pause-and-resume functions, which prevent portions of calls - such as SSN or payment information - from being recorded
  • Manual pause-and-resume functions – allow for both voice and screen recording to start and stop at the appropriate time
  • Access control tools – ensures that recorded data is stored securely and only accessed by those with authorization
  • Unique user names for each agent, strong password management, and user authentication
  • All data is encrypted for utmost security and remains encrypted throughout its lifetime

Our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) thoroughly understand what is needed to ensure PCI compliance with Call Recording solutions. To learn more about how to ensure your Call Recording solution is PCI compliant, please watch our webinar or contact us

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