Nxtera Automation Suite

As the most advanced Voice Recording assurance platform for telephony audio capture systems, Nxtera Automation Suite ensures that any issues with availability, quality, and component failure are identified rapidly. There are four components: Proof, Parity, Reflect, and Retrieve. These solutions function independently, or complement one another as a cycle of continuous automation.

Nxtera Automation Suite Capabilities and Benefits:

Proof ensures that your systems are operational before your start of day. It is a product-agnostic testing solution that automatically executes tests on your systems on an agreed upon schedule, much in the same way a human engineer would, only more efficiently and much faster. It ensures all systems are ready for use and are operating as required. Any issues are instantly reported for fast resolution.

Proof Features:

  • Virtual “check listing” ensures 100% uptime, compliance, and reliability
  • Additional tests can be run to address functionality concerns or to check functionality after maintenance work
  • Automated and scheduled testing of voice platforms occurs on a predetermined timetable during the operational day and/or outside of work hours if required
  • Testing results are clearly displayed and accessible via a dashboard
  • Tests can be performed on multiple devices and recorders, including:
    • Avaya, Cisco, Nortel
    • BT ITS and IPC Alliance
    • BT Session Manager and Unigy
    • Nice Perform, NIM, 8.9, NTR, Cybertech
    • Verint and Red Box Recorders
    • Skype for Business
    • Verba

Parity is a real-time alert and dashboard management application for Call Recording, customer Contact Center processes, trade floors, and enterprise voice environments. It provides real-time alerts for errors, failure against policy, or unsuccessfully recorded calls. It is the most advanced software of its kind, offering unparalleled visibility and reliability.

Parity Features:

  • Dashboard management and system visibility provides alerts, alarms, and continuous logs alongside real-time information to quickly highlight any failures or issues against policies
  • Real-time call trending
  • Ability to receive alerts, alarms, and a continuous log of all CDRs that have been generated but not indicated on the recording platform
  • View intelligent reporting, including a record of all calls that should have a media file associated with them but do not
  • Real-time cross-check processes between the calls generated by the recorded system, and the call recorded by the associated voice loggers
  • Real-time verification of calls generated by the recorded system
  • Proactive incoming and outgoing call checks
  • Confirm calls are received from the gateways/PBX and/or server

Reflect offers intelligent automation and verification to ensure that all recordings are of consistent quality and are compliant with industry regulations. With Reflect everything that needs to be recorded is recorded, and at a quality that meets your own high standards, regulatory requirement, and consumer expectations.

Reflect Features:

  • Automate test calls from actual devices
  • Download reference calls and forensically check quality
  • Check retention and litigation hold rules
  • Ensure calls are retained or archived according to policies
  • Create schedules to check every device
  • Ensure consistent quality call data is recorded and stored every time
  • Clear visibility of data and reporting via user-friendly dashboards
  • Simple call and reference file retrieval
  • Automated verification to confirm functionality of the recorded and recording system

Retrieve ensures reputation and risk management through advanced, automated data retrieval. Retrieve allows any recorded data, whether recent or legacy, to be retrieved in a readable, compliant format for investigative purposes. It utilizes existing hardware and is highly scalable. It also allows proactive management of existing and future compliance requirements. It is a vendor-independent solution, so regardless of voice recording solution, Retrieve can access the auto and associated metadata.

Retrieve Features:

  • Extract calls from legacy tapes or disks, either on a one-off basis or in bulk
  • Extract call records and recordings into a highly secure, digitally signed, auditable open standards customer database
  • Utilize existing hardware with no fear of tapes being lost or damaged in transit
  • Real-time dashboard reporting highlights the number of tapes extracted
  • Metadata is retained for orphaned calls
  • Automated agnostic retrieval exponentially reduces extraction times, ensures greater accuracy of information collected, is fully auditable and lawfully defensible, and has a self-service automated request-and-search portal
  • Custodian retrieval can extract specific users and ranges and ensure defensible justifications and audits
  • “Business as Usual” (BAU) functionality enables tasks such as voice analytics and event reconstruction, litigation hold on recording environments, and move to open standards
  • Legacy retrieval is device agnostic and has the ability to extract from tape libraries


Nxtera Automation Suite is the most advanced trader voice and Voice Recording automation platform for financial environments. The Nxtera product suite delivers end-to-end automation, visibility, control and evidence through a scalable, resilient architecture.

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