Launched in 2006, Nxtera Ltd specializes in development and delivery of software-based active testing and monitoring. With extensive industry knowledge and understanding of operational and business support systems and customer challenges, Nxtera has built a leading reputation of delivering quality automated business focused solutions. As a specialist company that designs and supports software solutions, Nxtera improves operational effectiveness and accuracy via automation and expertise.

Through their suite of products, they deliver fully automated compliance assurance, testing, monitoring and operational intelligence to meet a wide variety of recording needs, including voice, video, web, and data.

Nxtera’s Automation suite – Proof, Parity, Reflect and Retrieve – are used by financial, Call Center and media customers globally to provide governance over tens of millions of recorded transactions annually. Nxtera is headquartered in Hampshire, UK with direct presence in London and New York and a network of strategic partnerships worldwide. For more information, visit www.nxtera.com


A partnership between Nxtera and Wilmac gives our customers the best of both worlds: a comprehensive recording solution for voice, video, web, and data (provided by Nxtera), and a flexible, accommodating, and consultative company (Wilmac) that ensures proper system integration. Simply put, Wilmac facilitates the integration of your new Nxtera system to the technology and systems you already possess. Wilmac ensures that the installation, integration, and implementation runs smoothly, guaranteeing you your maximum ROI.


  • Nxtera Automation Suite
    • Proof – Start of the day checks for trading voice systems and voice recorders
    • Parity – Essential real-time Call Recording, alert monitoring, and alert automation
    • Reflect – Measure and confirm the quality of recordings by playback with analysis
    • Retrieve – Extract calls from legacy tape or disc selectively or in bulk

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