NICE Trading Recording

Regulatory requirements impacting Financial Organizations are strict and oftentimes confusing. Compliant trading recording solutions must include the ability to fully record, securely store, and quickly retrieve multimedia transactions and recordings. NICE Trading Recording (NTR) contains all the necessary functionality to ensure compliance and can also help Financial Organizations mitigate risk, and improve internal processes and efficiency.

NICE Trading Recording (NTR) merges trading floor and back office recording to create a comprehensive compliance focused recording platform. Combining innovative software and industry-standard hardware, NTR empowers trading floors to actively record and monitor interactions and adhere to internal and global regulatory requirements.

To ensure fail-safe data storage, NTR provides the highest level of secure storage. Managed retention and litigation holds can be set for all storage media and all call data can be archived to any network storage device and accessed via the browser-based GUI. Additionally, the system administrator has full control over access to all recorded calls.

NICE Trading Recording Capabilities and Benefits:

  • Flexible, scalable architecture allows for easy deployment and growth as recording needs change
  • Single standardized platform across locations, therefore reducing complexity, management resource, and Total Cost of Ownership
  • Eliminate hardware and software integration issues and meet the strictest IT security policies
  • Open architecture is designed for standard off-the-shelf hardware and virtualization solutions
  • Fast, flexible access to recorded data enables firms to rapidly resolve disputes and clarify transactions
  • Recording of all input types, including fixed lines & mobile phones
  • Flexible call search allows for locating calls using any combination of call duration, date and time, channel, call direction, and more
  • Comprehensive resilience options with a complete secondary system standby and disaster recovery solutions
  • Fully scalable and allows you to mix analog, digital, trunk, and/or VoIP recording, all in one system

NICE Trading Recording (NTR) provides a complete solution to meet regulatory compliance through automated Call Recording and retention of all communications.

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