NICE Interaction Management

The voice of the customer is a powerful and often underutilized resource. When harnessed, it can help organizations improve operations and develop a competitive advantage. NICE Interaction Management allows organizations to capture interactions, analyze drivers behind customer calls, improve Quality Management, and ensure regulatory compliance.

NICE Interaction Management Capabilities and Benefits:

  • Captures 100% of customer interactions, including non-voice communication such as video, chat, and email, and stores all recorded data securely on a single platform
  • Supports most telephony environments, including VoIP, traditional TDM, and hybrid networks allowing for a seamless transition as your technology needs grow and change
  • Unparalleled flexibility with the option of on premise and cloud deployments as well as multi-site recording to optimize the use of resources
  • Ability to set flexible recording rules specific to the requirements of different departments or groups, including branch operations or agents working from home
  • Real-time capabilities allow managers to listen to calls as they happen for Quality Assurance, dispute resolution, and to identify sales opportunities
  • Powerful analytics provide insights from customer interactions on how to enhance performance, optimize processes, and address drivers of dissatisfaction

NICE’s Customer Interaction Management solutions enable you to capture the opportunity in every interaction. It is highly scalable and has the ability to record and store interactions from thousands of channels on a single server.

Tags: Compliance, Contact Center, NICE, Quality Management, Voice of the Customer, Workforce Optimization

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