NICE Inform

Modern Public Safety organizations need to be able to record, organize, and retain multimedia information for compliance and investigative purposes. NICE Inform fuses different types of multimedia information, including those from external sources, to a common application and interface. Inform creates a chronological and complete view of an incident by allowing third-party voice and video recordings to be imported into Inform Organizer, and synchronized with all incident related video, voice recordings, and other multimedia.

NICE Inform is a scalable solution for today’s rapidly changing Public Safety environment. Its design allows for seamless interfacing with traditional NICE Call Recording platforms, Trunked Radio, Video, and SMS platforms. This plug-and-play infrastructure allows for the future capture of Next Generation multimedia information with minimal impact on existing infrastructure. It also unifies the application experience as technology evolves, reducing training time and ensuring continued access to legacy data.

NICE Inform Capabilities and Benefits:

  • An intuitive and customizable web-based interface allows for reduced resource requirements and access anywhere on the organization’s network
  • Users can monitor and verify communications in real time with live monitoring and recent call replay functionality
  • Captures multimedia data including telephone, VoIP, radio, video, screen recordings, text messages, and pictures
  • Performance Monitoring tools allow managers to locate agent knowledge gaps and continually drive quality improvements
  • Data can be imported from third-party sources and synchronized with all other pieces of data, both internal and external, to help create a full, chronological view of an incident
  • Data is logically organized and stored securely and fully
  • Advanced search parameters allow users to locate specific data, thus facilitating more informed decision making and streamlined investigations
  • Interoperate easily and securely within an organization and with external agencies with the ability to share recorded data via DVD, email, or NICE’s innovative, standalone NICE Inform media player

Bring order to the chaos of digital evidence through NICE Inform for Public Safety.

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