NICE IEX TotalView

NICE IEX Workforce Management enables even the most complex multi-site and multi-channel Contact Centers forecast staffing needs, schedule their representatives’ time, and effectively manage change as it happens. The result is an efficient, effective Contact Center environment with engaged and productive agents and a more positive customer experience. NICE IEX WFM is the most complete and configurable solution in the market and workforce professionals have made it their top choice for over 20 years.

NICE IEX Workforce Management Capabilities and Benefits:

  • Ability to factor multiple methodologies, contact channels, departments, and skills types into your forecasts and schedules
  • Real-time visibility into service queues and employee adherence so you can take early action to solve issues
  • Simple end user interfaces and tools to ensure employees own their schedules and performance, request time-off, trade shifts and share ideas
  • All the scale and performance of enterprise software available on premise or via the cloud
  • Unmatched in product depth allows WFM professionals to tune a solution to their specific environment to generate the most precise forecasts
  • WebStation is a central portal to access all core functionality and makes it easy for everyone on the frontline to own their schedule, bidding, time-off, and even performance and compensation
  • Supervisors can access all that information for their teams, and also dive into WFM data.

NICE IEX WFM is designed to engage employees and offers the most complete and configurable solution for Contact Centers today.

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