NICE Engage Platform

In Contact Centers everywhere, there is a constant need to both decrease overall costs and increase operating efficiency. NICE recognized the importance of these two seemingly contradictory scenarios, and designed their Engage Platform in response. Formerly called NICE Interaction Management, the NICE Engage Platform is a revolutionary and innovative platform that enables your organization to significantly reduce the Total Cost of Ownership while still ensuring that 100% of interactions are recorded. With NICE Engage Platform, these solutions are more affordable and scalable than ever before.

Additionally, NICE Engage Platform effectively maximizes the efficiency of your personnel and IT resources through datacenter centralization and consolidation. The NICE Engage Platform allows you to benefit from a centralized environment without the risk of loss of Business Continuity. It reduces the threat of interruption to your business with disaster recovery solutions and tools that ensure the high availability of specific systems.

NICE Engage Platform Capabilities and Benefits:

  • An all-in-one multi-channel recording solution for voice, streaming, screen, video, and archiving
  • Multi-channel interaction data is available all the time, everywhere
  • Unrivaled Total Cost of Ownership with up to 5000 recording channels per server
  • 100% streaming in real time with no delays, powering unlimited real-time applications and processes
  • High dependability ensures 100% recording and no interactions lost
  • Simplified interaction analytics, including 1-Click insight “Instant Amplifier” that offers 2x faster speech analytics triggered agent guidance and 5000 concurrent agents
  • Real-time alerts and visibility for mobile managers, customer authentication (in less than 15 seconds), and fraudster identification

Transform your Contact Center into a real-time engagement center by using real-time technology. NICE Engage Platform unleashes the power of real-time for faster, smarter, and safer multi-channel customer interactions, with an unrivaled Total Cost of Ownership.

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