NICE Advanced Interaction Recorder (AIR), a component of the NICE Engage Platform (a robust Contact Center recording platform that supports multi-channel recording, archiving, and streaming in a single server), delivers the industry’s first real-time streaming solution. AIR ensures real-time compliance, and can facilitate real-time analytics, authentication, and fraud detection, while also seamlessly integrating 3rd party applications.

NICE AIR Capabilities and Benefits:

  • Simplified customer authentication that accelerates the process using voiceprint technology
  • Ability to detect attempted fraud during a call, helping agents manage risk before any damage occurs
  • Processes are enforced and agents are prompted to read out necessary disclaimers, helping to ensuring compliance
  • Managers can identify important and/or sensitive calls and intervene in the moment
  • Supports the most advanced IT standards and requirements, including fewer servers, reduced network traffic, and simplification across the board
  • Equipped with capabilities that include and address:
    • Advanced retention setting
    • Secured APIs
    • End-to-end media encryption
    • PCI-DSS compliance
    • Powerful resiliency options
    • State-of-the-art business continuity: faster failover mechanism
    • Multiple datacenter business continuity and disaster recovery support
    • Government security regulations
    • DoD data deletion capabilities

NICE Advanced Interaction Recorder (AIR) can support more than 5,000 channels per server. Together with NICE Engage Platform, AIR offers unrivaled scalability and flexibility to comply with planned and unexpected requirements.

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