Next Generation 911

Next Generation 9-1-1 (NG 9-1-1) is an increasingly relevant topic in the Public Safety community. The initiative to update emergency Public Safety communications infrastructure and services is of great significance, especially as the technology of personal communication continues to evolve. As the delivery methods of emergency interactions change, organizations are transitioning from legacy telephony trunks to IP-based infrastructure, with many others moving towards regionally shared or hosted systems.

Emergency data comes in various formats, such as real-time texts, audio, geographic information systems, pictures, video, auto crash notifications, and more. It’s also received via new sources such as wireless and VoIP, in addition to the traditional wired phone calls. Public Safety agencies need to be able to capture, manage, and analyze all of this new information, while still retaining all legacy recordings and data.

The technology available to Public Safety organizations has moved from ideas and theories to demonstrations and product deployment. Incident Information Management systems go beyond accepting texts and videos; they capture all data sources and present it in a useful and practical manner.

With industry leaders NICE, we can provide customers with cutting edge solutions to address all of your Next Generation 9-1-1 recording challenges.


As NG 9-1-1 products continue to develop, it’s important to understand what key features need to be considered. The technology to capture NG 9-1-1 data is well-established, but the technology surrounding how this data is organized, shared, and utilized is still in development.

  • Organized: solutions utilize multimedia data to provide a complete, unified, chronological history that simplifies reconstruction. These multimedia reconstructions provide contextual information that legacy solutions are unable to provide
  • Modular: Considerations for legacy audio, as well as new and currently undefined audio and data sources, are important. Solutions should be open, modular, flexible, and adaptable in order to successfully integrate with existing emergency communication systems, and to connect with those of tomorrow
  • Interoperability and Resource Sharing: NG 9-1-1 systems should offer regional or hosted infrastructures that allow for local capture of legacy audio sources, while maintaining local authority and control. Not only are regional or hosted infrastructures economical, but they also improve the efficiency and effectiveness of regional authorities by providing context that binds the data together

With over 20 years serving the Public Safety industry, our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) have assisted hundreds of customers to make the best solution investment for their organizations. Our team stays abreast of the latest developments in the industry. Our consultative sales approach takes a full assessment of your current state, uncovers what your unique operational objectives and goals are, and then utilizes that data to recommend the best solution available. With a wide range of products from industry-leading manufacturers, we have systems and solutions that will seamlessly integrate into your environment to get you Next Generation 9-1-1 ready. 

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