Knoahsoft Harmony

The KnoahSoft Harmony Recorder module is the Call Recording software solution for enterprises that must concern themselves with compliance and business security. Harmony offers scalable, flexible, and affordable capabilities that handle inbound and outbound recording for both voice and non-voice interactions.

With Harmony, enterprises can deploy the recording capabilities that best suit their existing operations, with a variety of options including 100% recording of calls, screen capture functionality, random recording, event-driven recording, on-demand recording, agent parameter based recording, and more. Harmony's recording capabilities seamlessly integrate with Contact Centers that already have IP-based, hybrid, or TDM as their existing infrastructure. Furthermore, Harmony interfaces with PBX or desktop applications and is flexible enough to be deployed in a variety of configurations.

Knoahsoft Harmony Capabilities and Benefits:

  • Continuously record inbound and outbound voice and non-voice interactions based on business rules
  • Scale seamlessly from a single-site system to a distributed, multi-site enterprise environment
  • Support VoIP and TDM environments
  • Securely manage archiving and retrieve and playback transactions, calls, and screens easily on or off-site with CTI integration
  • Take advantage of secure recording, multi-line and shared-line recording, extension, and agent-centric recording
  • Play back recorded calls and screens via an easy-to-use web interface with extensive metadata making for seamless search-and-retrieve capabilities
  • Leverage vast reporting capabilities including scheduled reporting, alert and reconciliation reporting, and more
  • Leverage real-time alerts to ensure calls are always recorded
  • Search calls by comments and phrases entered into call comments fields during silent monitoring and call evaluations

KnoahSoft’s Harmony product suite offers a variety of solutions including Call Recording, Quality Management, analytics, surveying capabilities, and Workforce Management (WFM).

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