Incident Information Management

In legacy Public Safety and Security environments, Voice Recording solutions had basic designs that connected to analog or digital phones and analog radios. The technological advances of recent years have added complexity to this equation, as emergency data now comes in various formats (real-time texts, audio, pictures, video, etc.). However, many organizations have not yet updated their Voice Recording solutions.

During an event, personnel receive data from numerous sources in a number of different formats. They are immersed in the entirety of the incident and have contextual information that is unique to that event. Legacy Voice Recording systems, because of their inability to collect some or all of this data, lose this context upon reconstruction. The insight that this context provides is also lost. Fortunately, some Voice Logging systems have evolved into Incident Information Management systems, which give users and managers the ability to capture these key insights and utilize them at a later date.

Today’s Incident Information Management systems allow control centers to bring together the information from various resources and gain further insight. The new Voice Recording technologies have capabilities that help save time, increase efficiency, enhance security, and provide a 360-degree, real-time view.

Incident Information Management systems have a variety of impressive features:

  • Multi-format data capture – capture data from multiple interfaces in a single solution
    • Analog, digital, and IP telephone sources, as well as analog and IP radio sources
  • Multi-channel, timeline based search and replay – see how the incident progressed in chronological order
  • Structured and organized incident review – create secure and well-organized electronic incident folders
  • Post-incident information – add additional video and audio files to the incident timeline from outside sources
    • Surveillance video systems, mobile devices, etc. and play them all in synchronization
  • Secure distribution – Securely share entire events with parties inside or outside your organization
  • Modular and scalable designs – systems can interface with new capture platforms as they become available.
    • Systems can also scale to larger platforms, and interface with existing or future PSIM/SMS systems 

Wilmac’s Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) thoroughly understand the complex Public Safety and Security environment and can help your organization successfully utilize an Incident Information Management system.

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