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Right Product, Right Features for Financial Recording

October 15, 2015   

Recording systems in Financial Service Environments are built for compliance and verification. When designed, implemented, and supported properly, these systems offer 100% recording through a simple, but powerful, platform.

Unfortunately, many companies struggle with their call recording system for a variety of reasons - They were sold the wrong system for their environment, strict IT security polices impact functionality, and/or frequent system failures.

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Supporting Today's Compliance Recorders

May 21, 2015

Between government regulations and increased internal compliance practices, the call recording solutions deployed at organizations have never been of more importance. Companies have been changing their approach to procuring, installing, and most importantly, supporting these systems to ensure uptime and compliance. 

Additionally, call recording solutions are no longer simple, appliance-like systems. Their functionality and performance is critical, and installing and maintaining them is more complex than ever.

Ensuring that your solution is functioning correctly is of the utmost importance, and we will share our insight gathered over many years in the industry on how to successfully achieve compliance, risk mitigation, and business continuity.

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